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Dimitris Sideris




1 March 1979

Athens, Greece

Electric Lute, Vocals

Born and raised in Athens with classical guitar studies. Moving to Crete he got involved with the Cretan lute performance and participated in various traditional concerts and festivities with prominent artists of the island.

As a designer and maker of the electric lute, he combines the eastern traditional music with the electric sound, harvesting its possibilities by using tube amps and effect pedals. In Babel trio he works as a riff generator, providing the unique timbre of the electric lute by composing and revising folk material, melodies and lyrics. Also serves as the main vocalist of the band.


Custom Electric Lute​


Heritage Victory 22

Vox Ac30

Fender Twin Reverb


Empress Para EQ

Lehle Parallel L

Red Muck Fuzz (JamPedals)

Strymon Brigadier

Strymon BlueSky

EHX POG2 & Freeze

Boss FV-500H volume pedal

michael avlonitis

Michalis knew from the early stages of life that he had a passion for music. He started playing the piano at the age of 7, was trained how to play the guitar at the age of 9 and for the last 15 years is a self taught bass guitarist and this is what earned his devotion at the end. He decided to attempt and graduated from the Music School of Corfu, Greece and later he studied music theory and harmony in Athens. The first rock band he participated in as a composer and a guitar player, was at the age of 13. Since then he never stopped composing and creating music inspired by rock, metal, classic and traditional Mediterranean music.

He always liked the Cretan music and that is what lead him to the island of Crete in the first place, where he met Dimitris and Trikalero. From the very first jam he knew that they will match. He always had the vision of a not stereotyped music, influenced by the traditional music and poetry mixed up with modern sounds, and he has eventually found the mandatory space to express himself. He has never stopped learning, studying and improving himself.




1 May 1979

Corfu, Greece

Bass, Backing Vocals


Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff

Lehle Parallel

Dafermos Custom Optical Limiter

Boss Super Octave oc-3
Boss Bass Synthesizer syb-5

TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb

Boss FV-500H volume pedal
NOTIKO tube phantom pre-amp

BOSS RC-50 Loop Station


Fender 4-string fretless Jazz Bass

Ibanez 5-string SD GR Prestige



Darkglass Alpha·Omega 900

Markbass Standard 104HF

Eden Nemesis 320 Fet


Filled with passion and being the dynamic force at the heart of Babel Trio, Trikalero is always in the epicenter of all-things of the Band. He was involved into music since his childhood by learning the buzuki and the classic guitar from his cousins. From this infused combination of curiosity, talent and freedom, Trikalero found himself at a "Trypes" show in his hometown back in 1996. From that moment and then, his dream was to be part of a music band. Driven by his dream, he manages to persuade his cousins to form the band "Anesthesia", his first band, which was mostly a cover band playing Metallica and Megadeath songs.

His introduction to Dimitris and Michael resulted in a brotherly bond triggering their ambitions and inspirations towards a groundbreaking hodgepodge of music project namely, the Babel Trio. Particularly adept at arrangements, composition and the ability the three of them to frame and edit ideas into cohesive pieces. Being a supreme communicator and entrepreneur, adept at handling all matters out of the studio and off the stage, and being the self-confessed biggest fan of Babel Trio, it has seen him surface at critical points in the band’s career to both protect and inspire the creative interests of the band.

Trikalero holds also other interests away from the band. He loves nature related activities, photography, travelling, film and art, and also teaching the art of drumming and music.


14" Zildjian New Beat hi-hats

20" Zildjian A Custom Ride

17" Zultan Crash Z Series

16" Zildjian A custom Series

16" Sabian XS20 Crash


DW 5000TD4 Series Pedal

DW 8000 Series Pedal

Gibraltar boom cymbal stands



22" x 20" bass drum

12" x 9" Tom Tom

16" x 14" Floor Tom

14" x 5" Gretsch Catalina Club




16 July 1982

Trikala, Greece

Drums, Backing Vocals

Babel trio