Babel Trio release the Official lyric video for “Wings of stray” from new album

Babel Trio hails from the mountains of Crete island. “The Martyr” is their 3rd full length album.

Their music basis remains the same. Electric lute, (Dimitris Sideris), Bass (Michael Avlonitis) and Drums (George Zabakas – aka Trikalero). This time their music landscape becomes more heavy than ever. Distorted traditional melodies with psychedelic parts and progressive elements. With a little touch of exaggeration we could say that if Sabbath were from Crete, probably they would sound like Babel. The lyrics are in Greek, based in traditional songs of the island.

Recording and Mixing by Telis Aristotelis at Headroom studio – Rethymno.

Mastering by Νikos Stylidis at Labyrinth of Thoughts.

The psychotropic band from Crete went up the high mountains and they gave us a breathtaking view of the land. Filled with solid riffs, thunderous drums and awe-inspiring atmosphere they brought the rain that clears the muddied landscape of modern rock. If ever Tool met with traditional Cretan musicians and had a feast, this would be their soundtrack.

Limited editions of 150 vinyl copies and 150 CD copies.

Out on November 6th – 2020 from Labyrinth of Thoughts records.


1. Birth of the martyr 2. Wings of stray 3. Lady spring 4. Up in the sky 5. Guillotine 6. Black sea 7. Mother of death 8. Martyr’s end

Mother of Death” video:

Wings of Stray” video:

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