Alzheimer Royal Hall Studio Recording

Updated: Feb 21

Babel Trio is glad to announce the recording of their second album which takes place at the Royal Alzheimer Hall in Thessaloniki! For your appetite we have a teaser video of band session in the studio!

Arriving at Thessaloniki in separate dates Babel Trio's members managed to be ready and fresh at Friday morning 2 of March for their first recording session! being very exciting and feeling like their home in the #Alzheimerroyalhall hospitable environment. Th Recording studio was one big room with live and warm sound that put the fundamental soul for the bands 2nd album.

The recording was completed in 3 sessions. For one more time, Babel had an amazing experienced and look forward to presenting their new album to their fans. Titos Kariotakis and Christos Harbilas, two well known sound engineers with lots of experience and an impressive portfolio, were the ones closely working for the second album of Babel Trio.