STREET COMPASS December 2020

Hello my dears, we wish you all a happy and healthy new year. Let us be happy and cheerful. And we are really happy from the bottom of our hearts! Let us approach the year 2021 fresh, pious, happy and free by first of all writing a few reviews from the past year here or later. But now in medias res, for...

BABEL TRIO - The Martyr 2020 (Labyrinth Of Thoughts) - Style: Psychedelic Rock

Listening to an album in this way without any information, completely impartial, is always exciting. About here. The instrumental opener ´Birth Of The Martyr´ comes like a funeral march out of the desert, like a power blues, a lava cylinder. Second is the driving 'Wings Of Stray'. A few orientalisms, then the singing starts. What kind of language is that? At least none present to me, so the research mode is switched on.

The BABEL TRIO comes from Crete. This is how clarity comes, the language is Greek. And the origin explains the humid heat. Every song burns like the sun on unprotected skin. The oriental elements, the folkloric ingredients, this is how spice and sharpness come into the sound. Starting with BLACK SABBATH, a slightly different path is taken. This path will not be easy, there are boulders that cause detours, there is the burning sun.

I have never been to Crete, but images appear in my inner eye that remind me of the volcanic wasteland of Lanzarote. These should be similar worlds. Hot, dry, similar to the farmers' fruits. Dry, earthy red wines, a fruity, tasty olive oil. Fruits full of flavor and sweetness. And just as such olive oil warms the body, 'The Martyr' warms the soul.

8 points

Mario Wolski


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